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Private traumatology-orthopedic outpatient clinic

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ORTOINOVA is a private trauma and orthopedic outpatient clinic focusing on biotechnological innovations in the treatment of arthrosis of the joints.

What we offer

Examination of the musculoskeletal system

Basic examination of the musculoskeletal system with a focus on mobility and joint pain in adults and children. Additional examinations at the physician's request may include densinometry or ultrasonographic (USG) examinations of joints and soft tissues. We also examine USG of joints (proper development of articular cartilage) of babies.

Innovative treatment and individual approach to each patient

We also use innovative modern and highly effective autologous blood derivatives based on fibrin, monocyte cells or stem cells in the treatment of various degrees of osteoarthritis. As one of the first ambulances in Slovakia, we use an injectable viscoprotectant into the joint to prevent further degradation and loss of articular cartilage.

Densitometric examination

We perform densinometric examination using an ultrasonographic heel densitometer. The examination is fast, accurate and is also suitable for pregnant women.

Treatment with modern viscosupplements

We offer patients the widest selection of injectable intra-articular viscosupplementation injections based on hyaluronic acid. There are basic 1% concentrates, modern 2.2 - 2.5% concentrated injections. We also offer the most modern combined viscoprotectant, which contains hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate (it is built directly into the articular cartilage and regenerates it).

USG examination of joints of adults and children

We also provide gentle ultrasonographic (USG) examination of joints and soft tissues. We also do this examination in babies.

Application of combined chondroprotectives

At ORTOINOVA, we apply our own innovative injection, which we brought to the Slovak market. This is the first unique chondro-protective intra-articular injection to treat arthrosis of the joints. The injection contains hyaluronate and, in addition, chondroitin sulphate. Thanks to its composition, the injection directly contributes to the nutrition and regeneration of articular cartilage, thus slowing down or stopping the process of its further disintegration.

Consultation of physical activities and rehabilitation

Intraarticular application of a high potency fibrin derivative

As one of the few orthopedic ambulances in Slovakia, we provide modern treatment with an autologous blood derivative containing fibrin rich in platelets. It is prepared from the patient's own blood and applied to the affected joint in combination with a viscosupplement. Fibrin containing healing and growth substances significantly reduces intra-articular inflammation and rapidly contributes to the healing and regeneration of articular cartilage.

Intraarticular application of mononuclear cells

As the only ambulance in Slovakia, we carry out the preparation and administration of highly specific autologous injection treatment based on monocyte cells. It is prepared from the patient's own blood and is given directly into the affected joint. The monocyte derivative contains a high concentration (number) of monocyte cells (mast cells), which have a high ability to treat extensive intra-articular inflammation. They help eliminate pro-inflammatory particles (such as debris or dust from degraded cartilage) and quickly heal the environment. Said monocyte derivative is suitable not only for osteoarthritis but also highly effective in rheumatoid arthritis. In combination with a viscosupplement, it provides the patient with immediate pain relief and at the same time a fast overall healing and cleansing effect inside the joint. Currently, the method of intra-articular treatment with a monocyte derivative is considered to be one of the most modern outpatient injection procedures.

Advice and provision of surgery, including joint replacement

If you need or are interested, we will provide you with the necessary surgery, arthroscopy or joint replacement in a relatively short time.

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+421 948 395 168

If you are interested, you can contact our nurse by phone +421 948 395 168 and arrange an examination date or order online
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